Canvas Paintings In Delhi

Canvas is a durable fabric used to create crafts and paintings. The world’s most famous paintings were made on canvas. It is basically a fabric that can be used as a surface to create and paint various art pieces.

Creating a canvas painting is a time-consuming task but the outcome of such an artwork becomes very mesmerizing from any individual’s point of view. I have always satisfied my customers with my honest efforts and by providing them with the best artwork of canvas paintings in Delhi.

For a very long time, various canvases of different sizes are being used to create eye-catching artwork. I have created many canvas paintings of different sizes.

Canvas paintings have been in demand from the era of kings and monarchs and the reason for the everlasting demand is self-explanatory.

Canvas paintings are auctioned at very high prices due to their uniqueness. A lot of my canvas paintings in Delhi have been auctioned in different states.

I have created amazing masterpieces using various canvas surfaces. Every canvas surface delivers a different artwork and the difference can be analyzed by comparing the different canvas paintings.

Types of Canvas Paintings in Delhi

A variety of paints are used by the painters and each type of paint requires different levels of coating. There are three main types namely-Oil Canvas, Absorbent Canvas and Universal Canvas.



Zinc white bound with linseed oil is used as the primer. The canvas is put into a room for three days where it dries-up naturally. After this, the canvas is sent again and a coating layer is applied which is based on titanium white. The canvas is kept in the drying room again for a period of ten more days. I have delivered dozens of oil canvas paintings to my customers in Delhi and across other states of the country.


Two primer layers of chalk bound with glue based on rabbit skins are used here. Because this primer is water based, these canvases are dried in the dry-air oven, in which the water evaporates more quickly. I painted my first absorbent canvas 10 years ago and till date I am applauded for my work.



These canvases undergo a similar treatment as absorbent canvases the only difference being that the two primer layers are titanium white based. These have a lot in common with absorbent canvas and therefore I find it more comfortable while working on universal canvas.

Creating stunning art is a challenging task. Art requires a creative mind and the ability to think out of the box. Canvas paintings help the art to become more realistic and lively. I have met the expectations of my customers and they have always admired my work and effort. My canvas paintings have always received positive reviews from my customers. I have a huge customer base that places recurring buy orders. The buy orders can be placed offline (844 Ghitorni Market M.G Road New Delhi 110030, OPP. Metro Pillar No – 113) as well as online through this official website. I was very fond of painting from my childhood days.