Best Mural Painting in Delhi India

Best Mural Painting in Delhi

Mural art today includes any piece of artwork created or directly placed on a permanent surface. The Latin word “murus,” which means “wall,” is where the word “mural” originated. It can be summed up as any piece of art that is painted or otherwise applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or other bigger, more durable surfaces—whether they are flat, concave, or convex.

Where To Find The Best Mural Painting in Delhi

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Characteristics of Mural Painting

It is the oldest known form of human art, as evidenced by the countless early human settlements where it has been discovered through the use of cave paintings. The following list of the mural painting’s characteristics:

● It captures a moment in time by highlighting the activities of a particular civilization’s inhabitants, and it can include everything from religious and burial events to scenes of hunting, gathering, and family life.
● It combines a wide range of artistic styles, including realism with a striking sense of scale.
● The expression of emotions through hand gestures is depicted in art.

The fact that mural painting is inextricably linked to architecture sets it apart from all other kinds of visual art. The perception of the building’s spatial dimensions can be drastically changed by the employment of colour, design, and thematic treatment. Encaustic painting, tempera painting, fresco painting, ceramics, oil paint on canvas, and, more recently, liquid silicate and burned porcelain enamel, are just a few of the techniques that have been used in the history of mural painting.

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We Offer Attractive Collections of Mural Paintings in Delhi

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